Jewelry That Outlasts Time

The finest jewelry tells your story.  It is relevant to your personality, tastes and lifestyle; Has lasting beauty; Never goes out of style and is only available from a very particular type of jeweler.  One more concerned with your story than their inventory.

From the beginning, Alan Rodriguez set out to become the kind of rare jeweler people could trust to help them tell their story.  Almost four decades later, women now “flash” him, showing rings he designed for them 25, 30, even 40 years ago that they still wear with pride and excitement.  The key, he found, was finding ways to stay relevant to modern consumers. It’s a common business challenge and here’s how he solved it.

First he gained experience, working side-by-side with legendary Canton jeweler, Bob Gasser before taking over New Philadelphia’s (then) 110 year old House of Stones in 1987.  Along the way, he discovered the value of learning about the woman who will wear the jewelry before recommending or designing a particular piece.  He knows there’s more to fine jewelry than the quality of the stone and the craftsmanship of the jeweler.  A piece of fine jewelry should also reflect the owners taste, personality and lifestyle.



An active woman will need a more robust setting so as not to lose a stone before she can pass it on to her children.  A woman with a bold personality needs jewelry to match.  Those with quiet elegance need a sense of understated taste. 

Every woman is an individual, and deserves jewelry to match.

This is the reason custom fine jewelry is so well suited to an age when many people are putting the emphasis on the quality of the jewelry they own rather than the quantity.  Customizing jewelry is the only way make sure it will have lasting value.

What exactly is custom jewelry?

At Julz, virtually every piece of jewelry sold is customized in some way.  A client may have a specific idea in mind, sparked by their own creativity or memories of something they’ve seen.  Jewels once owned by a treasured relative can be reworked into a new piece for a new generation. Often, Alan comes across an unusual gem that sparks his own ideas.

Or it may simply mean that a piece of jewelry is improved in some way to better match a client’s lifestyle, tastes or journey through life.  Prongs may be re-tipped to better secure the stones for an active woman.  Stones may be upgraded as a family becomes more successful.

Whether a piece of jewelry is custom-designed or customized in some small way, the goal is always the same:  “Create a piece of jewelry that will stay relevant throughout a woman’s life and that she can proudly pass on to her children.”

The keys to heirloom quality jewelry

Form follows function.  To be worth passing from generation to generation, a piece of jewelry must first last.  It must be designed to withstand the functional life it will lead.

Goods design never goes out of style.  Design trends come and go, but certain designs are always relevant.  The original bathtub Porsche still turns heads.  The Ford Edsal, not so much.

Julz brings a contemporary flair to jewelry design while still being respectful of jewelry traditions.  They recognize the symbolism of find jewelry and its ability to serve as a lifelong reminder of the love and sentiment it expresses, including for future generations.  At Julz, the ultimate goal is to create exceptional experiences that will become lifelong memories.  Custom jewelry makes it all possible.