Chris Ramsburg runs a successful insurance agency, so he knows a thing or two about good client experience.  He and his wife have purchased cars from Cain Motors for over three decades because he values companies who view a client experience the same way he does.  “We talk about client experience a lot in our business, especially how it’s an interaction rather than a transaction.  Cain gets it and displays a lot of what we think is important.”

The big thing Chris finds appealing about Cain Motors is the “gracious hospitality” they provide.  It’s the same thing his family-owned insurance agency was built around.


Gracious hospitality is more than just one person.  It’s the way everyone and everything works together to create a great client experience.  It’s a three-legged stool using hospitable employees, facilities and community involvement.”  According to Chris, Cain Motors is a great example of an organization that offers the same kind of gracious hospitality his company strives to deliver. 

He sees it in Cain employees who stay with Cain for longer periods of time than at most car dealerships.  “They must treat their folks well for them to have that kind of loyalty.” 

Chris also sees gracious hospitality in the way Cain embraces and supports the community with both time and financial resources.



He should know.  Chris bought his first BMW 3-Series sedan from Cain in 1985.  His wife prefers her Toyota Highlander, but couldn’t resist the BMW Z4 sportscar they recently purchased.  “She loves to drive using the 6-speed manual shift which is really rare in America.  It took Brian Cain about two years to find one.”

To Chris Ramsburg the cars have been great and he appreciates never finding himself stuck on the side of the road.  He’s doesn’t consider himself a huge car guy, but enjoyed the responsiveness and driving agility of the many BMWs he’s owned.  Reliability is a big issue with him and the key reason he’s stuck with BMW all these years.  With the preventive maintenance built into BMW warranties, he’s never had to worry about using BMW Assist, but appreciates it being there.

Still, the thing that turns on Chris Ramsburg, even more than the driving experience is the service experience.  He values the relationship because its built on dialogue rather than monologue.  He knows the people throughout the Cain buildings and values how they discuss things with both him and his wife, Lynn, trying to figure out what’s important to them.

Ramsburg Insurance Agency in Uniontown and Mogadore has been a growing business since 1959 so they know a lot about keeping clients delighted … just like Cain Motors.